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Our Name: Symbolism in ActionKavella® is a combination of kavela, meaning lotus flower, and bella, meaning beautiful. In harmony with our values, the lotus flower symbolizes purity and transcendence. Although this flower is rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters, transcending its environment.

Our Mission: Mindfully Beautiful HairKavella® creates high quality, clean hair care products that deliver beautiful results with your health in mind. We seek out the best plant-based ingredients and avoid synthetic fragrances, gluten and other potential irritants so that everyone can have a beautiful hair day!

Our Responsibility: Animal and Environment DedicationWe are dedicated to animals. Kavella® will never use animal ingredients. We don’t test on animals, and our ingredients are not tested on animals. We also donate part of our profits to animal rights and rescue causes.

When we choose our ingredients, we avoid materials that cause harm to the environment once they are rinsed out and are introduced back into the earth.

Our Vision: More Than Hair CareKavella® is a hair care brand, but we care about more than hair! We love animals and the environment. Our donations support animal rights and welfare, and we know we can make a bigger impact as our company grows. We are also exploring ways we can reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is to package Kavella products in Post-Consumer Recycled PET bottles and jars which have a 60% lower carbon footprint than their virgin counterpart.